Thursday, July 14, 2005

Associated Press Big Fat Politically Correct Scairdy Cats!!!

Apparently the AP has glommed on to the politically correct nomenclature of the BBC. Rather than call Terrorists what they are, Terrorists, and Homicide Bombers, they are just Suicide Bombers. Next week, they'll be misunderstood, but friendly Arab guys with "issues".

London Identifies Four Suicide Bombers By BETH GARDINER, Associated Press Writer

LONDON - Police believe they have identified all four suicide bombers who carried out the deadly attacks on London subway trains and a bus last week, the city's police chief said Thursday.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair told the Foreign Press Association that police believe "that we know who the four people carrying the bombs were ... and we believe they are all dead."

"We are as certain as we can be that four people were killed and they were the four people carrying bombs," Blair said.

What is wrong with expressing the righteous indignation we should properly feel at having people enter a public transportation system and indiscriminately take the lives of innocent people? I believe that the British press is frightened that if they call terror what it is, they themselves may be the next target. And of course, if folks "across the pond" jump out the window, we here in the US, must follow. When will we all stand up for ourselves? Where are the likes of Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams when we need them?


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