Monday, May 23, 2005

Perversion in the Panhandle

Thanks to a miracle, an 8 year old girl is alive today despite the heinous crime committed against her by a 17 year old juvenile who had been staying at the same house. This young monster, I mean young man, brutally raped a little girl, then stuffed her into a garage can, filled it with pieces of rock and concrete rubble and buried her alive in a former landfill near where they lived. When the guy came home in a disheveled condition and reported that 5 attackers in a station wagon had abducted the child an Amber Alert was issued. Later under questioning, his story fell apart.

The little girl had frequently stayed with her godmother on weekends when her mother worked. The details are sketchy as of yet, but apparently her attacker, Millagro Cunningham, aged 17, also stayed with the godmother. When the godmother was questioned about the alleged rapist/attempted murder she had this to say "He was a good person. He would clean and do chores, laugh and play jokes and stuff. We never thought he would do something like that," Holloman said. "The only reason I can think he went crazy like this is his father died and his mother didn't want him. Nobody wanted him."

The godmother is already gearing up for TV defense attorney! Good heavens..the reason he raped and buried an 8 year old alive is that NOBODY WANTED HIM? I assume his godmother at least wanted him, or he wouldn't have been living with her. He seemed well enough to live unfettered in her home, with her children, and to laugh and play jokes! I am getting sick and tired of this excuse for EVIL. Lets call it what it is, and hope that this "young man" gets the trial and punishment he deserves. This little girl will never be able to undo or forget the wrong that has been done against her.

Now I am assuming, that if the American public hasn't already grown tired of it's weekly series entitled "Perversion in the Panhandle", that a lot more information will be forthcoming, but I have to ask what in the name of the Almighty is going on in Florida? Is it the heat? Too much Viagra in the water? Let us hope that the Jessica Lundsford Act is used successfully in this case. One could wish for the death penalty, but 25 years and a permanent ankle bracelet is a start.


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