Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Protecting Parental Rights

In support of Parental Notifcation Laws I noted this well written article below:

Prop. 73 would support, protect minors
By Noelle Patno
Monday, November 7, 2005
Currently, a girl in California as young as 12 years old may be taken to have an abortion without her parents’ knowledge. This is unfair to parents who are legally and financially responsible for her. In the unemancipated minor’s struggle with the serious and emotional difficulty of the unplanned pregnancy which does not necessarily include her parents, she may face the potential influences of profit-driven abortionists or older, even abusive, boyfriends. The solution is Proposition 73, which will give pregnant girls the support they need. And it will do so without the false fears of the bill’s opponents, who disregard parents’ rights and the best interests of minors.
For cases such as abusive homes, in which parental notification may be disastrous, the proposition makes the judicial bypass a simple, form-based procedure. At the time of her abortion request, a minor will face a choice: She may fill out and mail a parental notification form or the judicial bypass form. If she chooses the latter, a judge must hold a hearing with the girl — an informal, one-on-one meeting, not an invasive trial — within two days of receiving the form. If the judge has not decided on whether or not to grant the waiver by 5 p.m. on the third day, the girl is not required to notify her parents.
The judicial bypass system established by Prop. 73 will thus serve three important purposes: It will protect minors who are in rare but dangerous cases of potential parental abuse; it will ensure that the appropriate child protection agency is notified about such situations and it will avoid delaying time-sensitive medical procedures any more than a matter of days. All voters are encouraged to read the text of the proposition — is it available on the Web — before voting in order to dispel the myths that are being circulated by those who hope to defeat it on Tuesday.
It’s common sense that parental involvement is essential for children to make appropriate decisions about health care. Go to the polls Nov. 8 and vote “yes” on Prop. 73.
Noelle Patno is the financial officer for Stanford Students for Life. She can be reached at npatno@stanford.edu.


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